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“Behavior Design is the future of UX design.” - Jason Hreha - Behavior Scientist & Founder of Dopamine - Psychology Driven Product Strategy and UX Design

Every Tech Team needs a Behavior Designer.

When it comes to excellence in User Experience, it’s essential that you deeply understand and care for people. Behavior Designers are uniquely trained to help your team to create responsible products, systems and services that enhance and improve lives for good.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben (Spiderman)

What is Behavior Design? 

It's a system of models and methods created by Stanford Behavior Scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg.  Behavior Design is about understanding the fundamentals of human behavior in order to design products, systems and services that lead to healthier, happier lives.  

Technology can be a powerful tool that enhances and improves our lives, connecting us in ways that make the world a better place.  Still, many products, apps , systems and services fade into obscurity because innovators & visionaries don't have enough insight into the systematic components of human behavior. 

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With over 15 years of experience offering people all over the world the chance to explore ways to achieve their greatest aspirations, I was delighted to discover that solutions are found through Behavior Design. 

As a Stanford Behavior Design Lab Teaching Team member, I can help you design strategies that will enable you and your team to create services, systems, products, & environments that accomplish your objectives and make the world a better place, one tiny design decision at a time.

Hi,  I'm Juni!

As a Stanford Behavior Design Lab Teaching Team Member, a Behavior Designer, Technologist, Futurist, Creative Content & UX Strategist, it's my joy to help you build and implement sound strategies for ongoing success.


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How I Can Help You

After reviewing your existing product or idea,  I'll make recommendations for product enhancements and UX improvements using the Fogg Behavior Design Method.

I also offer workshops on Behavior Design for your team.   The ideas and methods provided will enhance the effectiveness of your existing  & expanding products and services.   We can also explore the basics of  creating growth levers directly related to Behavior Design and discover sure paths toward achieving product market fit.  I'll show you ways to eliminate the guesswork associated with acquisition, interaction, retention and growth.  Together, we will explore simple, sustainable solutions! 

The Solutions are simple!

We begin by asking the right questions: 

  • What are the fundamentals of human behavior?

  • Who do you serve and what problem does your product solve?

  • Why is habit creation essential for the success of every innovation and how can you create these types of ongoing user experiences?

  • Is there a formula for human behavior that can be used to maximize the positive benefits that our products and services provide?

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Unifying Your Team! 

My Behavior Design Workshops offer  fun methods for making sure that every participant understands how important and valued they are as essential  members of  the team.   Everyone is invited to participate as we work together to gather and celebrate the ideas which  lead to the behaviors that are necessary for success.  



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* Juni Felix & Agnis Stibe - Transforming Persuasive Cities toward Sustainable Wellbeing, 2018

* Juni Felix & Agnis Stibe - Transforming Persuasive Cities toward Sustainable Wellbeing, 2018

The actualization of ethical persuasive and socially influencing systems will ensure residents of their inclusion in a community committed to achieving sustainable wellbeing as defined by the individual. Offering comprehensive technical resources to all can effectively network residents, marketplace, education, health and community development leaders.

At the 2018 Persuasive Technology Conference in Waterloo, I presented ideas for the 'Caring, Feeling and Understanding' cities of the Future with founder of the Theory of Transforming Wellbeing & MIT Media Lab Prof. Agnis Stibe of

Future cities will beneficially influence human behavior in dynamic and quantifiable ways. These are the 'Cities that Understand, Feel and Care.'*

Request complete Research Paper and Abstract by email:

Request complete Research Paper and Abstract by email:

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Thinking - Making - Empowering

‘Tandem is a trusted strategy, design, and technology partner. We deliver custom software that inspires people and drives business forward.’

Behavior Design Keynote & Q and A

Contact: Julia Salameh

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

‘We bridge the gap between creative & technology.’

Partnered for UX Personas and Solutions for Stealth Compressors & Alternative Fuel Supply.

Contact: Joel Mathew

TruePublic is a brand new way to bring people together. Across the United States, we are becoming increasingly divided into our own groups.  TruePublic is a fun place to bridge the gaps between groups of people who otherwise don’t connect.  The team hopes that as we begin to better understand each other, we’ll be able to better connect with one another.

TruePublic is The 'Stress Relieving, Conversation Starting, Relationship Building, Boredom Busting' Opinion Platform of the Future! 

What do you believe? Where do you fit? Who agrees with you? Do you stand with the bold majority? Or the fearless minority? The opinions we're sharing and the insights we're gathering every day are leading the way toward a new understanding of ourselves , our quirky culture and our neighbors across the USA.

 Join the conversation by downloading today! 

Contact: Kaben Clauson


"Imagine a world without Alzheimer's.  Imagine helping to stop the progression of this terrible disease." - Maya Angelou

 There is a time for imagining, but there is also a time for action. Regardless of your ethnic background or social status, if you've been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, you know the toll it takes on everyday life.   The Alzheimer's Disease Research Center is part of a landmark study that is working to find a cure. 



African Americans have significantly higher rates of Alzheimer's disease. 

As part of a comprehensive education and neuroimaging  initiative in collaboration with Maya Angelou, then a professor at Wake Forest University,   I was invited to create 60 and 30 second PSAs to encourage African Americans and their families to participate in the study at UAB to ensure that communities of color were appropriately represented.

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My favorite part of teaching Behavior Design is that it's precepts can be personalized to create strategies and solutions toward victory in almost every area of your life.  

Check out these resources created by my Behavior Design mentor and teacher Dr. BJ Fogg . Each video offers a glimpse into the possibilities available to the those who are ready to experience the joy that comes from understanding how human behavior actually works.

Habit Formation is a Skill…

Behavior Design enables you to design habits that help you to achieve your aspirations for good.

Aspirations versus Habits

In order to accomplish your objectives, it’s imperative to understand the difference between habits and aspirations.


It’s Gonna be a Great Day!

Behavior Design helps you to create a life where every day overflows with tiny victories! Get ready to reimagine success - for good!

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