Because Every Tech Team Needs a Captologist!


For tech innovators, Behavior Design eliminates the guess work associated with acquisition, interaction, retention & growth. 

Technology itself doesn’t magically change behavior.
People creating products need to understand how human behavior works.
— BJ Fogg, Phd

HI I'm Juni Felix.  As a Captologist & Technologist specializing in Behavior Design, it's my joy to help you build and implement sound strategies for ongoing success. 



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How I Can Help You...


I offer 1 or two day workshops about behavior for your company.  This means up to 8 hours of training customized for your needs.  I delight in the opportunity to come to your site & train your team in the basics of Behavior Design.  The ideas and methods I teach can be customized to enhance the effectiveness of your existing  & expanding products and services.   

I teach an innovative approach to behavior change in order to increase effectiveness in creating products and services that improve and enhance people's lives.  In the two day workshop, we'll explore the basics of Growth Hacking methods directly related to Behavior Design and discover sure ways to achieve product market fit. 

Let's work together to build something great! 

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Introducing my 1st App!   Aop - The Opinion Platform of the Future!

 The Anonymous Opinion Platform 

 The Anonymous Opinion Platform 

Aop is a place to bridge the gaps between groups of people who otherwise don’t connect. This app is designed to paint a picture we haven’t seen. A picture of the diverse views of all Americans. Across race, gender, region, political affiliation and age, our goal is to bring the views of our country — and then the world — together. What do they do? What do they believe? Who are they? Where do I fit? Who agrees with me? Do I stand with the bold majority? Or the fearless minority?

Aop delivers beautiful real-time infographic data after each vote is cast. You will instantly — and constantly — be surprised by what you discover. Each snapshot of opinion can be easily shared. Our hope is that as we begin to better understand each other, we’ll be able to better connect with one another. In the ways we differ, we can learn. In the many ways we are the same, we can feel connected. In our surprise from what we discover, we can smile.  Download today in the App Store and Google Play!  Happy Voting! We can't wait to find out what you think! 


Master Your Mind

My favorite part of teaching Behavior Design is the fact that it's precepts can be customized to create design strategies for victory in almost every area of life.   Check out these resources created by my mentor BJ Fogg that offer a glimpse into the possibilities available to the those who are ready to accept and experience the joy that comes from mastering the gifts of the mind.     

"As you practice the new habit, watch for the automaticity, watch for the ripple effect...Behavior change is a skill and you can get better if you practice." - BJ Fogg

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Forget about big changes and resolutions, success comes from making tiny changes, on step at at time.