"With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben (SpiderMan)

Hi I'm Juni Felix

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As a Captologist & Technologist specializing in Behavior Design, it's my joy to help you build and implement sound strategies for ongoing success.   With 15 years of experience offering people all over the world the chance to explore ways to achieve their greatest aspirations, I was delighted to discover that solutions are found through Behavior Design.  Through my ongoing studies in Captology (Computers as Persuasive Technology) and direct training with the industry founder Dr. BJ Fogg, I offer app and software development teams the opportunity to discover and implement sound strategies toward achieving product market fit.   

What is Behavior Design?

Technology can be a powerful tool that enhances and improves our lives, connecting us in ways that accomplish much good.  Still, many tech products, apps and services fade into obscurity because innovators & visionaries don't have enough insight into the fundamentals of human behavior.  

Using Dr. Bj Fogg's proven methods, Behavior design eliminates the guesswork associated with acquisition, interaction, retention & growth. 

Technology itself doesn’t magically change behavior. People creating products need to understand how human behavior works.— BJ Fogg, Phd (1).png

The solutions are simple.  We begin by asking the right questions:

What are the fundamentals of human behavior?

Who do you serve and what problem does your product solve?   

Why is habit creation essential for the success of every innovation and how can you create these types of ongoing user experiences?

Is there a formula for human behavior that can be used to maximize the positive benefits that our products and services provide?

How I can Help You

After reviewing your existing product/idea,  I'll make recommendations for improving UX based on the Fogg Behavior Design Method.   I also offer 1 or two day workshops on Behavior Design for your team.  This means up to 8 hours of training customized for your needs.   The ideas and methods provided will enhance the effectiveness of your existing  & expanding products and services.   In my 2-Day Workshop,  we'll also explore the basics of Growth Hacking methods directly related to Behavior Design and discover sure ways to achieve product market fit.

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Unifying Your Team

My Behavior Design Workshops offer  fun methods for making sure that every participant understands how important and valued they are as essential  members of  the team.   

Everyone participates as we work together to gather and celebrate the ideas which  lead to the behaviors that are necessary to accomplish the targeted aspiration. 


My favorite part of teaching Behavior Design is the fact that it's precepts can be customized to create design strategies for victory in almost every area of your life.  


Check out these resources created by my mentor Dr. BJ Fogg that offer a glimpse into the possibilities available to the those who are ready to accept and experience the joy that comes from mastering the gifts of the mind.